Dry, text-heavy documents to go into Storyline 2

I have a series of 10 documents, some of which have been chopped into dry powerpoint presentations (35 - 100+ slides), that I need to make LMS-ready.  They are mostly text (think medical textbooks), with the rare image or chart and some case studies with photos of the case subjects.  Each PDF/PPT has links to other PDFs that will be hosted in our LMS.

The SME originally thought we would load 10 PDFs and be done with it, but I'd rather try something just a little more interactive.  The only problem is that I'm not an instructional designer (and we don't have access to one) and the SME has limited time and experience with eLearning engagement.  There is no opportunity for narration either.

I've been looking at tabbed interactions and book-themed templates, but I would be interested in any other suggestions.


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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Audrie!  I think it's awesome that you want to spruce up that material for your learners.

Here are some community articles that might get your juices flowing:

I would recommend posting your question in our Building Better Courses forum where there is always an awesome exchange of suggestions and course files to access.  Post your own question if you don't see something that quite addresses your needs!