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Christie Pollick

Hi, Andy -- Thanks so much for reaching out here and what fun! I thought I might stop in to mention that you are also welcome to share your .story file itself so that others can 'take a peek under the hood' to see how things are set up, and if you'd like to reach even more of the community, feel free to share over here in our Building Better Courses forum, as well! 

David Manning

Hi Andy, 

This was neat. I love gameifying courses. My thoughts:  

The ducks don't seem to always respond to a click. (Probably because if the mouse is in motion while clicking, the click isn't registered)

The movement seems very fast and blurry. Perhaps slowing the movement down would reduce blur. 

An OK button on the instructions screen would help improve the pacing, especially since the activity is used with a group.

The "Push" button would be more effective if it looped back to the first slide or to the counter slide; presently the button closes the window.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Andy,

I loved duck hunt as a kid! Nice example. I'd agree with David's suggestion about slowing it down a bit...I had a hard time clicking to capture some ducks, but overall nice set up. And even if you could replicate the initial set up of duck hunt where you start by just seeing one or two ducks at a time.