Dumb question: Has anybody had 100% success with Storyline on iPhone and Android?

I built a simple training demo that contains static slides with buttons, video, and free form quizzes.  After fixing problems with lagging button response it works OK on Android but does not fill the screen (set to have no player skin and set to fill browser window and browser to fill screen); does not play some MP4 videos; won't play MP4 videos on iPhones; freezes when trying to maximize browser to fill screen. Our clients have had enough and looking elsewhere.

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Louise Falcon

Hi Ray,

It's a common mistake when resizing projects for older versions of Articulate. In my experience, it's possible to have 100% success in publishing MP4 videos on smarthphones so long as you have the correct width and height matching what the phone can accommodate.

I hope you and your clients can give it another try by resizing your project and video dimensions.

Android and iPhone smartphones have smaller dimensions, it is more likely that the MP4 you tried to publish exceeded what the screens can handle.

Please visit Embedded Videos Doesn't Play on an iPhone for more information on project dimensions.

Good luck with the demo!

Feel free to contact me or respond to this thread if you need further assistance.

ray laurencelle

Thanks.  Yes, our tester found that it did perform the way it should on different iPhones, iPad, and Galaxy where she had problems before.  BTW - It was mainly phones with Safari giving us trouble. We suspect our problems might be due to the server we are testing it on. We are not a big shop and haven't had much experience developing for mobile screens. Our server is probably a PC running server software but is used mainly as project storage and may not have the power or bandwidth a dedicated web server would afford.

Can you give advice on the best type of computer and software needed for staging web applications, or recommend subscription services for doing the same?


Louise Falcon

Hi Ray,

Have you tried to publish them as HTML5 with flash fallback? You can visit this Community Article for Adjusting the Publish Settings.

Articulate Team is trying to make these compatibilities work. Here are some system recommendations for viewing and publishing courses.

I hope you find the best publish settings that works for your Safari users.

Publishing into HTML5/flash usually does the trick.


ray laurencelle

Publishing to Articulate 360 is a nice fast way to share content under development. I notice it published the demo in a player or some kind of framework with functions for reviewers.  This is nice but is it the same as publishing to a standard web server? In other words can I expect the demo to play exactly as it plays in Articulate 360 when it is published outside of Articulate?

Leslie McKerchie

You're right Ray, it's moreso for reviewing, not for hosting for your learners. I was just sharing the information since you asked about it. I think David was simply encouraging you to test in a different environment since you mentioned you thought it may be an issue with your server environment. The link I shared with you was not published to Review. I simply utilized the file and settings you had shared, which was to publish to Web and that's the environment I uploaded it to so that you could take a look :) If you have an AWS server, sure!