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Apr 10, 2013

I am the only person in my organisation that knows anything about e-learning, but I am originally a teacher not an IT person.

We have a staff member who is in charge of our website, but she is not an IT person either - the website is set up so that she and I can change things and move things around, and add banners and articles and photos etc, without needing to know any code or anything like that (a bit like blogger).

We have an external person on contract, who is an IT person, and who built the website, and who does any changes that are more complicated.

I need to have a conversation about uploading my course with the external person who looks after our website.

Can someone explain to me clearly how the course gets transferred to the website so I can have a knowledgable conversation with our external website person.


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Bruce Graham

Hi Fiona,

Put simply...(and it is NOT a dumb question...)

You upload all the contents which are in a file structure, to the web server. This can be done by something called FTP, basically a programme that allows you to "copy" to a web server rather than a PC. Webby person needs to give you access, or you need to let them "grab" from e'g DropBox.

They have to be on the server in the same file structure.

You then "point" to the story.html file - either directly, or a hyperlink.

Needs to be done by someone who has all the correct admin rights etc.

Have a good look at http://community.articulate.com/tutorials/products/previewing-and-publishing-your-project.aspx, (and them too) - should make it easier.

Good luck - hope that helps.


Bruce Graham

A little more to offer clarity, (I hope...).

Here is my PC (on the left of the screen) and my web server on the right - viewed through a (free) FTP programme called Filezilla. This is what I use to upload to my server.

You can see on the left that I have the usual "output" structures from Storyline, and you will see the same on the right, but the PATH, (see big arrow), is my server.

So...to launch the file once copied over to my server, I would need to provide a url - in this case http://www.pperf.co.uk/BeingAneLearningFreelancer101_output/story.html.

 In my case I do not need to include the wwwroot you see in the Remote Site url, the exact syntax will vary, ask your web adminny personage.

Just think of the server as a big PC (!) - you need to copy your course over to it, and then use a url to launch it.

Hope that helps visually explain more.


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