Duplicate Button "Selected" State

I'm trying to make my button change fill based on an incorrect or correct answer. So, I duplicate the selected state (because I want to show the checkmark) and then fill the background of the new "SelectedIncorrect" state but the checkmark keeps disappearing on the new state so essentially, I can create as many states and styles as I want but for some reason I can't show the checkmark on more than one.

Any ideas?


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Alicia,

I believe this happens because the check mark only displays when the object is actually "Selected". However, there is one thing you could try to work around this. 

Modify the selected state with the colors you'd like to use and make sure you enable the "check". Then right-click on the object and "Save as picture". Insert that picture in the "SelectedIncorrect" state. This way the check will show up, as well as the colors you'd like to show when the selection is wrong. 

Would that work for you?

Let me know!