Duplicate Masters (like, a lot)

Created a project with master pages. I then imported some of the slides from this project into another. Opened the master page viewer, and there are *27* duplicates of the master page layouts. AHHH! First question: why? Second question: how to quickly get rid of the duplicates? Right now having to unpin and delete one by one. Has this happened to anyone?

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David Schwartz

Hi Carol,

The why of this is easier, and I've had it happen. It happens when you copy slides from one project to another that does not use the same slide master. If you bring in a bunch of slides at once, they will come in under the same master, but if you import them individually, each new one import will create a new master.

I've never found a shortcut to getting rid of them. Basically, it's changing the layout for each slide using a duplicate master I don't want to the correct master, and then deleting them one by one once no slides are associated with them.


Carol Dungan Logie

Thanks David! It's weird, I wasn't so much surprised to see duplicates, but there were so many! Maybe it's a function of importing slides in from so many different pptx resources.

I did find slightly quicker way to blow them out, and that was to minimize the master viewer panel to the smallest size possible, and then I could right click and unpin/delete.

Features wizard: I'd love to be able to hover over a slide in Story view and have it display the name of the master layout that's applied. Also to collapse the Master pages underneath the main master in the viewer panel.

Ren Gomez

Hi Carol,

Thanks so much for sharing that tip on removing the duplicate slide masters, as it may be helpful for anyone else who comes across this discussion. The duplicates could very well be a function of importing slides individually or from multiple sources.

I’ll be happy to pass your thoughts on master layouts to our product team, but you can also feel free to detail them more through a feature request

Carol Dungan Logie

Please do, and I will too... the thing that's weird is the story I imported from had at most 2 masters, and the story I was working on suddenly had 27. I'm finding this to a lesser degree on some other projects. I think if there is any difference between identically named masters from one to the other it creates a new one.