Duplicate Templates in Storyline 2

Somehow, my Articulate templates have been duplicated in my program. Though local IT has gone in to try and delete them, they still appear and lag my course production game and publishing.

I have submitted three help tickets to Articulate Support and have heard from no one. We need assistance here - how can we get someone to respond? No emails and I have checked my junk folder - nothing.

What else do we need to do? Please help; this is very frustrating.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kymberley! 

Looks like Wendy has popped in to assist you here. I would check out the repair as well if you are having difficulty with your software. If you need to work with our team, and I know you mentioned trying to file a case in another thread, you can try in another browser perhaps or e-mail support@articulate.com and one will be created for you.

Kymberley Powell


I have been waiting for IT to assist in these instructions, which they attempted today. Unfortunately, the duplicate files still exist. And in the Content folder all that shows is Modern Interactions so I am confused as to how to remedy the duplicate templates. Please advise?


Kymberley Powell
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