Duplicate videos when you place a video in a slide layout

The module that I am creating requires that multiple slides have the same video play automatically.

I placed one video inside a slide layout so that I only include the video once in the .story file.  The problem now is that when Storyline 2 publishes the content it creates an exact copy of the video for every slide that uses the layout. (20 slides so far)  Now I have 20 2.8mb .mp4 files in my published content.  This is very bad.

I found this discussion which is very close to the issue that I was encountering.  Based on that discussion, it seems that there is an issue with Storyline 2 not maintaining a way to reference the same video on multiple slides.

I tried to copy / paste the same video on multiple slides, and it still resulted in a video for each slide.  Apparently this issue doesn't exist in Storyline 1.

The same duplication issue doesn't seem to apply to other assets on slide layout (like images, shapes, etc.), only videos.

I would love to put in a bug / feature request.  Can someone direct me to the page where I would put in such a request.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Chad, 

Per my last reply on that thread we did share this with our Quality Assurance team in regards to a bug issue. I don't  have any updates on that yet, but once I do we'll share in that thread and I'll connect this thread to the report as well. 

Also, you can always share ideas for feature requests here and if you think you've come across a bug you can share it here in the forums or send directly to our Support Engineers to investigate here. 

Christie Pollick

Hi, Rebecca -- Thanks so much for sharing your file and for letting us know that you are utilizing JavaScript for what you are hoping to accomplish. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide support for JavaScript coding or modifications, so I will go ahead and defer to the community and our JS gurus to assist you further here. :)

Crystal Horn

Hi Jason.  Thanks for checking in; I'm sorry about your file size from the video duplication.  I can understand not wanting to bloat your course, and our QA team is still investigating this issue.  We don't have an update to share yet, but as long as your subscribed to this discussion, you'll be notified of new information once we can share it.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Roy - Sorry to hear that you've run into this problem as well.

I do not have an update on this, but since the last posting we are trying to do a better job of prioritization based on user impact and it looks like this one fits that requirement.

I'll update our internal report and bring it back to the table, and this thread is attached for update when applicable.

Peter Moore

This is an old thread but I'm seeing the same issue today on SL 360.  I have the same video as a lookup reference on 4x slide layers.  When publishing to web output - that video appears 4 times in the output folder (story-content) with SL renaming it with a different filename for each one.  I'm thinking of the burden on mobile users and the cost to them in consuming unnecessary bandwidth due to this repetition.

Peter Moore

Just tried placing the movie onto is own feedback master - like Chad tried when starting this thread around 3 years ago, then applying that layout to each of the layers I want the movie to appear on.  Same thing!  The movie appears 4x in the story-content file.  The course I'm building has a lot more video spread through other scenes, a number of them are the same movie file,  placed in several locations as reference/lookup.  Is there any workaround that will function both on desktop and mobile published to HTML5?

Peter Moore

Thanks for the suggestion Walt.  I did originally consider this, but decided to look for other options first as I find the drop in quality caused by the scaling effect of lightboxed slides to not be that palatable.  However, no other options worked so I tried the lightbox...and it did work!  Only one (1) video file is appearing in the 'story_content' folder and I'm linking to it from 4 layers on different slides.  So, a big Yahoo there! 

Lightboxing does create some problems though.  The backdrop to the lightboxed slide is a semi transparent rectangle partially hiding the slide base layer.  All good, except that it has slide borders, creating a kind of 20px (a guess),  light grey border around the outside of the slide.  I have a borderless course so this stands out somewhat from all other slides in the piece.  I'm hoping there might be a player customization setting where I can turn that to transparent or similar, although on a quick look through the player settings I didn't notice any relating to lightboxed slide backgrounds?

The scaling issue:  I found that by scaling up the video on the lightbox source slide, to 118%, very closely delivers the playback size of the original movie source.

The close button:  This is quite small on a lightboxed slide and perhaps too small really. It seems to get swapped out to a larger 'X' when you preview for mobile.  Not great UI design either way, but there doesn't appear to be a way to customize this?