Duplicated Media Assets

Hi all. I have a question I wanted to put out there. It relates to management of media assets, specifically the reuse of these assets within a project. Let's say I'm working on a project that has 10 short videos. Some of these 10 videos will playback more than once during the course on different slides (because the context of its use is different). I can copy and paste or re-import but this duplicates the media asset. Now imagine a project with much more video and more duplication of video and you can easily run into limitations (memory, performance) but also file size because of the duplication. Is there any way to establish a clip bin or library where the assets are brought into a project just once and referenced as needed throughout without the duplication of content? Probably not but I'm putting this out there to also ask for feedback on this and if anyone has solutions to managing this kind of requirement in Storyline.



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