Duplicating layers copies over top layer

I am having this issue with duplicating layers when it randomly overwrites the top layer and if I undo the change (Ctrl+Z) the top layer retains the name of the duplicated slide (but its original content). This name-change is irreversible with 'undo'. 

I wonder if anyone else experiences this?

The issue might be related to having close to a 100 layers on one slide, but still quite weird. And there is no consistency to it, except it seems to happen more often the second time I duplicate a layer after saving the file or starting storyline. Very rarely on the first duplication.

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Crystal Horn

Hi Oskari.  That is weird.  Could you take a screencast of what you're seeing?  If you have Storyline 360, a Peek is the quickest way!

I'd also love to be able to test out one of your files - I'm certain I don't have one with 100 layers! ☺️  We don't limit what you do in Storyline, so I want to be sure that we can document this behavior if it is related to a high number of layers.