Duration of Published Storyline Course

Oct 01, 2019

Hi e-learning hero professional's! Does anyone know if there is a way to accurately determine the duration of a Story line course ? There are posts on how to track the length of a course if there is audio, but not on if there is no audio in the course.

This would really help with being to accurately share data with stakeholders on the duration of a specific module.

Thank you for any prompt responses :) 

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Holley Berley

Hi there Layla,

I agree with Matthew - I've found that the best way to guess-timate course completion time is to have people take the course.  The best option is to get a diverse group of people who haven't seen anything about it yet.  If that isn't an option, go through the course as learner-like as you can and keep track of your time.  

If you have a lot of text you can throw it into a word count read time calculator and get a good estimate.  Audience is important, though.  If you are creating courses for super-readers, this won't be as accurate.

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