Dynamic Hierarchies in Articulate Storyline

For my company onboarding I wanted to create a dynamic hierarchy of our products, couldn't find much around so decided to get to it.

I have used layers and animations to transition from one level to another, the jargon is the least importnat, but could be used to create Family trees for example, or company employees structures etc!

Looking forward to comments on how to improve it!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Igor, and welcome to the E-Learning Heroes community!

We're glad you're here and I love that you're sharing right away. 😀

Really slick with the transitions and motion paths. I also liked that it had a chromeless player so it looked like a clean interface as I navigated around and your navigation buttons were easily distinguishable from anything else in the course. 

If you're using Articulate 360 to create this, you can also publish to Review 360 and that way you could share the link here for folks. They can take a look and comment on there directly to provide easier feedback. 

Brian Allen

I echo Ashley's comments, and will add that you may consider providing a "50K" foot view of the hierarchy as well, especially if this is going to be a tool that folks will repeatedly go back to for resources, instruction, training or whatever the purpose is.

The drill down might be cool the first time you see the tool, but after that I want to be able to easily jump to the section I need info for.

Igor Torrealba

Hi Ashley,

Thank you so much for the positive feedback, I am running the free trial, took a course on LinkedIn learning and spend some time this week working on a few more projects to combine. I am not sure if after the free trial, the published in preview will stay, but here it is anyway https://360.articulate.com/review/content/56f5e75e-f0b4-47c1-8d0e-36468ba807bb/review

The whole idea of creating it is actually to convince my management that we can get better than PowerPoint with a nice learning curve and so far I am fully engaged and convinced!

Just to let everyone know, as it is a just to DEMO the capabilities, I dind't fill the whole tree, so when playing with it go: Connection Systems > Connection Systems > Housings > Active Safety.

And just one more thing, to point out that it is inspired on the "My Organization" view of Workday, just in case it seems familiar to anyone :)

Looking forward to get more feedback and improve

Igor Torrealba

Hi Brain, it is great to get your feedback!

By 50K you mean a view that has the whole thing?

While making it I had one idea to have a sort of screen to see the levels (like an elevator would display the floor), but dropped it.

Now I am thinking about a "50K" view on a corner, where you can actually jump directly to levels, I will have to limit the number or circles horizontally and add one that says "more" when the limit is reached, as in some levels there might be a lot of them.

I will give it a try and share back!

Thanks again for the comment!