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I have a client who has a need to "modularize" their training; meaning that they have some lessons that apply only to certain products and those lessons only get pushed to students who support those products. I'm wondering if I can create a dynamic lesson plan within SL.

Here's what I'm thinking:

1. Slide 1 displays a list of all available lesson names and each lesson name in the list has a checkbox (Each lesson is built as a Scene in SL).

2. The Facilitator can check all the boxes for the lessons they want in their lesson plan and click 'Submit'.

3. Slide 2 displays a dynamic TOC or menu containing only the lessons they selected and appear in the proper order. Furthermore, each lesson displayed in this menu will need to link to the appropriate Lesson (Scene).

Is this possible?

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Justin Lambakis

Thanks for sharing Micheal that's very cool and right in-line with the concept I was looking for. However I can see what you mean by "how complex" my course is. Looks like a ton of triggers even for just 6 lessons and I could likely have a couple dozen lessons in my course. I can see how the amount of triggers will grow exponentially to accommodate all the possible combinations. I think I understand what you did in theory but are you willing to share how you built this? Perhaps I can use something similar as a POC while I continue to look for a more scalable solution. Great job getting creative! Thank you!

Justin Lambakis

Hey Leslie. Michael's example was great but won't work for my situation. The number of lessons will likely be at least 20 lessons or more (and potentially change/add/remove over a short time) and I'm afraid that handling all those triggers every time there is a change won't be productive. I am still looking for a more scalable solution that would allow for an efficient way of handling at least 20 or more lessons knowing that number could grow and the lessons will change over time. Any thoughts?

Lloyd Hill

Hi Justin, this is surely too late for the project you required it for but....

We built a dynamic menu for Storyline 2 for several of our clients. Full details are available here: https://blendedminds.com.au/storyline-branching-plugin/

In relation to a solution for your requirement, each scene is held in a javascript array and completion state held as a string in storyline. By adding an extra function we could extend our dynamic menu to toggle scenes on and off. That means you could create a setup slide to configure the course, toggle required scenes then start the course and the dynamic menu would only display the scenes to be viewed. The code will also track completion of each slide and scene.

Check out our demos and walkthrough.

Lloyd Hill

Ok, the demo is now uploaded. 

  • single course with multiple languages
  • google translate option
  • dynamic menu
  • external javascript
  • screen recordings with show me + try me
  • rapid development

See all Storyline plugins: https://blendedminds.com.au/plugins/