Dynamic PreTest?

Jun 25, 2015

I have a coworker who is looking to create a pretest type situation, where if users get all of the answers correct then they do not need to take any more of the course.  However, if they fail she wants to use the results from specific questions to personalize the learning for the user based upon which questions they got incorrect.  She isn't looking to give people who don't receive a certain score the same generalized review, she is looking for specifics based upon which questions they answered incorrectly.  Is this possible without having to develop something that is really involved?

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James Murphy

Hi Kati 

          Without making it too involved I would say the easiest way to do this is have the content on a hidden layer and have the quiz for that content on a base layer. you could make a trigger that makes the training content visible if the test taker gets the question wrong. This would allow every test taker to only view the content that they fail the quiz for.

          If the layer idea doesn't work because you want multiple content slides, alternatively you could have a main list for each quiz at the start of your module. Each list item will link them to a question or series of questions that if scored 100% will redirect them back to the front list of learning items and they continue to the next item, however if scored wrong it directs them to the series of instructional slides designed for that topic. 

Let me know if you need any clarification or if any of this helps




James Murphy

Sure Kati ! 

         Basically you would have a "Home" slide much like the home page of a webpage where all the training topics reside. Lets say your training is on animals. The "Home" Slide would have clickable buttons or interactive text for each topic, Bird , Cat, Dog, etc. When the Learner clicks "Dog" they are taken to the "Dog" quiz (Through a trigger attached to the "dog" button) They can do all the quiz slides that you like in that particular quiz bank or scene or however you decide to group them. If the user fails the "Dog" quiz you have a trigger directing them to the "Dog" training content. If the Learner Passes the quiz you can have the trigger direct your learner back to the "Home" slide where they are free to select from any of the topics. 

   This will allow your Learners to get through topics they know quickly and will make them view the content for their weak points. You can also have a State based trigger on the "home" slide that wont allow the user to see the next topic until the state of the previous topic is visited, this will help you keep the Learner following a flow in case you don't like the idea of them just having a list of topics to click on. 

There is also this article I found helpful on custom feedback layers. This works better for your request on immediate content for wrong answers. This would pop up the content immediately to correct the learner rather than wait till the end of the quiz for a score threshold as suggested above. 

Hope some of this helps 





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