Dynamically linking to an Engage Glossary

Oct 21, 2013

Hi, I have a question regarding linking (or importing) an Engage Glossary.

I have four Storyline courses (individual stories) which all require the same Glossary. I built the Glossary in Engage which is saved in the same folder as the four source storyline files. I imported the Glossary into each of the four courses.

I had hoped that if I made a change to the Glossary in the Engage source file it would update in the four courses if I updated the link between the course and the Engage Interaction i.e. use the Edit link, prior to publishing the Storyline courses. It appears that once imported I now have four separate versions of the Glossary and I need to make a change four times.

Is there a way to build this with a dynamic link between the one Engage source and four Storyline courses?



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Michele Brooks

Thanks, Ashley.  The thing about your suggestion is that I'd have to update 10 courses if I needed to add even just one new word to the Glossary.  If that is the only way to do it, I'll do it that way.  But, it would be so much better if I could update a central glossary that the courses could go out and find when they were being used on the LMS...

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Beth and Michele, 

If you're making a change to the one Engage file, and the URL of that course stays the same, the updates there should carry into Storyline if you've inserted it as a Web object from the hosting location (vs. importing it). 

To your point, Michele, that won't go and find the individual pieces where it was being used on the LMS...but if you're linking to the Engage glossary (or any URL for that matter) as long as the link stays the same as what you already added into your Storyline course the changes should be reflected. Users may still see a cached version depending on their browser and set up, but a simple refresh should resolve that. 


Michele Brooks

Well, that sounds like a cool possibility! I'll try it. Thanks so much!

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