E-Book Publishing in SL

I am new in SL and want to know if e-book can be published in SL?  The book

contains about 150 pages.  If possible, can you please give me any available example or

any available tutorial.  Again the objective would be to publish in HTML5 version so that

I can watch on iPad or iPhone with voice synched.  Any suggestion will be highly appreciated

and welcomed!  Thanks!



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Pummi  Bais

Hi Mike:

Thanks for responding to my request and your "Flipping Book"  really looks wonderful.  The project I intend to do.  It is

a movie type written novel of about 165 pages including pictures and video.  It was written few years back, but never pursued

for publishing it, but now I am seeing more opportunities.  After sending you a request I was even thinking about using

iBook Author application.  Please let me this type of size can be handled in SL?  Thanks again for all... I really enjoy watching all

the discussions and trying to grasp maximum so that I can utilize the SL capabilities effectively in my different thoughts.  You all guys are superb-  Keep it Up Good Work!