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John Curran

Here is another user with the same problem:

"I am having issues loading the Articulate software onto my laptop – I have tried 3 email addresses, and all of them come back as invalid – are you aware of anything I might be doing wrong?"

I have seen this issue quite a few times now. What is causing Articulate to classifiy valid e-mails addresses as 'invalid'?

Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks, John. 

We use a number of things to identify a free trial or ELH user sign up as potential spam, so it's a bit much to share all those here, but if you're seeing that message consistently it sounds like it may be an issue with the IP address being flagged. Either way, our Support team is ready and able to fix this up for individual users and it's problematic across your entire team we can look into any other specifics that may be causing it.