e-mail problem in storyline

Hi I am in the process of evaluatiing the functionality of storyline for the company i work for.  One of the essentials that we require is being able to trigger an e-mail to send to a generic mailbox when someone completes an e-learning module - I cannot get this to work.

We also need to be able to send quiz results from storyline to a generic mailbox by e-mail too.

Can anyone help.

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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Margaret!

We want every feature in our software to work well. And, unfortunately, there’s no way to email results easily, accurately, and consistently. For example, if you use Gmail or your computer’s security settings are high, you can’t email results. Also, you run the risk of learners tampering with results since they can access the email before it’s sent. Given these limitations, we decided not to include the email results feature in our products anymore.

There may still be some options that will work for you, though. You may want to check out the following thread for some suggestions from other community members:

Emailing Quiz Results in Storyline without LMS

Thanks and welcome again!