Easiest free method to stage storyline web output? CDN-style?

I am wondering what the absolute easiest method is to publish storyline content to a location that can be used as staging to have it reviewed by peers and mgmt? I don't want to pay for an Articulate Online account now that my trial has expired (company won't). And I don't have access to a staging area on the corp website.

Is there some basic way to publish Storyline to Web and simply upload the content to some location that functions like a CDN? Something like box.net or dropbox or other? Then point reviewers to a shared link containing the story file that refers to the other bits?

If anyone has done this, can you let me know what you did?



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Mike Taylor

Have you tried http://tempshare.articulate.com/ ?  What about Dropbox will not work?  I've also recently tried https://dispatch.io/client/dispatches which you could use in conjunction with both of these.It is a great way for people to comment, ask questions, give feedback etc in a common space.

John Souchak

thanks Mike. I haven't tried http://tempshare.articulate.com, but I will check it out. And I only know the CDN theory for something like Dropbox, but haven't set it up (I am sure it's not hard, but I just haven't done it yet). I will also check out https://dispatch.io/client/dispatches. 

thanks for the great reply!

Nadia Zaid

This info is probably coming a little late to help you John, but it might be of use to others who come across this post in the future. Review My eLearning (http://www.reviewmyelearning.com/) has proved to be a great way to solicit feedback from reviewers. I haven't used the above resources but am going to check them out. Thanks Mike!