Easiest way to publish Storyline files without an LMS

Mar 30, 2016

Hi All,

I need to give a number of colleagues across the country access to elearning files so they play (but they don't need to score as they do a face to face assessment) without an LMS. They are not on our internal business network either. Is there a quick and simple way to do this or have you had to do something similar in the past? Thanks

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Mike B.

If you don't need to store their scores in an LMS, you can upload your published output to any pubic web host and send them the link. I haven't used Google Drive or Amazon for this as others have, but they might provide you some level of security if you need to restrict access. SCORM Cloud trial account allows up to 10 registrations so that might be an option too.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Donna,

I'd advise against Google drive as they've changed their hosting structure and as of August 2016 they'll no longer allow for hosting on their site. Also, you may want to review the information here on how to upload to Amazon S3 - I have seen lots of users mention it in the forums and have used it with success. Here is another thread where users discuss the pros and cons of hosting on Amazon S3. 

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