Easy Fix for Multiple Drag and Drop targets in Storyline?

I know I posted a discussion about this before, but am still stumped.

I have limited coding experience and need to setup multiple targets for objects in a "Do" and "Don't" scenario in Storyline.  All I want is for the "Do's" to go in any order in their assigned row, the same applies to the "Don'ts".  I'm surprised there isn't an option for multiple targets!

I've attached a screenshot.

Please advise.

Thanks again!

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Judy Nollet

Hi, John,

 Why not just have one target for the Do's and one for the Don'ts? 

You could set the program to snap the objects like tiles, so they appear next to each other. 

If you still want the look of 3 Do items and 3 Don't items, draw the areas, but have them touch each other. Then put the actual target rectangle on top, with a solid fill that's 100% transparent. 

John Devoe

Hi Judy,

You're awesome, I appreciate your help!

Before I read your last post, I had an epiphany after watching a Youtube Video and created something just about identical to what you explained.

It's encouraging and refreshing that I was able to figure it out. There is hope for me, afterall!...LOL.

I included a screenshot.