Easy Storyline 2 question

Hi folks,

Here's an easy one: when using Storyline 2 & publishing to HTML5, do you still get the initial "Play" screen (with the blue PLAY button) when the course opens in a web browser? 

We're using Storyline 1 (planning on upgrading soon), and can't get around this feature. If this screen still appears in SL2, is there a way to defeat/bypass this when publishing, and have the course open automatically in the browser without that screen?

Thanks in advance,


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Matthew Bibby

Hey Dave,

In Storyline 2 there is still an initial play screen when the HTML5 output is viewed in iOS, although it looks a bit different:

There is no way to get around this as video and audio isn't permitted to play automatically in iOS without user input. So this big play button at the beginning provides that input, which allows for audio and video to play when it needs to.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Dave,

As indicated by Matthew, Storyline 2 still has a play button or launch screen (depending on if you're seeing the HTML5 or the mobile player option). There is not a method to disable it within Storyline, but there may be other users who have edited the published output code - so I'll defer to them here.