Easy way to enter multiple numeric answers?

 This is part of training on a particular function/piece of our order system. I've been modeling, then having the learner try/test. throughout.

I know I'm getting bored with creating hotspot interactions for this, so I'm fairly certain the learner will be bored by clicking around too. Not good.

Using the image above, I wanted to have the learner enter in the top 3 highest orders (by $) after they had successfully sorted them (to get the above image).

I wanted to use the graded numeric response but it doesn't seem to easily convey to the learners (because of the one entry box) that I want them to type all three numbers in the box. Unless I am missing an easier, better way of doing this.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jessica,

What you could do is customize the "data entry" fields and add more than one to a slide, you'd want to include directions to let the user know what they need to enter and if they should be entered in a particular order. If you want to check this for "correct" or "incorrect" you could set the question up as a pick one type, with two offstage objects. You'll want to then adjust the state of the correct object to "selected" when the value of the numeric variables matches what the answer would be - and then this question would be scored as correct. You'd do the opposite for the "incorrect" object when the numeric variables "are not equal to" the answers. 

Jessica Huber

Ok, I did the data entry field (I decided to one per slide in this example as it was cleaner and easier for the learner.)  I set it up with 2 layers - correct and incorrect, which are triggered by changes in variables. Right now the leaner has to enter the number in the data field, and then click outside the field, and then the proper layer is triggered. Is there a way to make that a bit easier - like typying the number, and the hitting enter?