Eating up space on disk when saving

Aug 11, 2015

I have a 5.1GB Storyline2 project.  It's big and bogs down my computer like crazy but I can work with it.  What I can't work with is how it eats up an enormously disproportionate amount of space on the disk during the saving process.  I've had to clean off about 20GB of space on my computer about 5 times in the past few months and I finally discovered the culprit today - this project!  I tried saving and discovered I somehow only had 390MB of space left on my computer.  After moving some large folders to an external drive, I had 19.9GB available on my computer.  I clicked "Save" on my project and watched as the 19.9GB of space dwindled to 4.27GB.  After it finished saving, the available space went back up to 13.8GB (still lost more space than the 5.1GB project which was not one of the files that was removed from my computer to open up space).  I didn't do anything else on the computer during the saving process so where is all of this disk space going?  As soon as this was finished and without clicking anywhere else on my computer, I clicked "Save" again just to see what would happen.  The available space went from 13.8GB down to 2.26GB before informing me that there isn't enough space on the disk to save the project so it didn't actually save it and it didn't give me my space back.  Now I'm stuck with only 2.26GB, down from 19.9 and what do I have to show for it?  One successful saving of my project.  Please help me get this space on my computer back!

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Robbie Christian

Leslie, you rock.  I got rid of 160GB of space in my temporary folder!  Thank you!

In terms of the update, the only updates I have done in the past are when I open up Storyline and it says that I need to update.  Even so, there are times that I select "no" when I don't want to go through the update.  My point is that I only know how to update when Storyline prompts me to do so as it opens.  When I followed your link, all I could see were options to download the entire program again.  Is there a way to just get the update or do I need to download the whole thing again?

Robbie Christian

I just updated an hour ago and it's kind of like when you get your oil changed - I have reason to believe it's working better even though I don't see any obvious differences in how it's working.  I just saved it and while it still takes about ten minutes to save, it didn't dump so much into the temporary file so that's a big plus!

There was one thing however that I was hoping would be fixed with the update: in story view, when I have a story that is spread pretty far laterally (most of my projects), it jumps when I scroll over to the right.  The more slides I have and thus the wider the story view is, the larger the jump is.  Some projects have no issue, some have a noticeable but manageable jump, and for the largest project, I can scroll very smoothly from the far left about 80% of the way toward the right but then it suddenly jumps to the extreme right side of the story and unless I am completely zoomed out, there are some slides that end up in the "jump zone" that I can't get to because when I try to scroll back from the far right, it jumps again.  I'm not sure if anyone else has had this issue but it's one that I noticed a while ago and figured it would be fixed with an update at some point so I never bothered to bring it up to anyone.  Let me know if I did a poor job of describing it or if you're interested in more details but hopefully with the next update, this can be one of the glitches that is resolved.

Frances Jones

Hi Robbie, I found your post interesting and useful (have cleared out my temp files, in preparation for working on a very large branching scenario).  I wondered if you had any update on your 5.1GB project.  Did you publish it OK?  Have your end users had issues accessing it?   Any tips you would like to share?   Thanks Frances

Robbie Christian

The project is still ongoing.  It still saves and still publishes, albeit very slowly.  My next step is to update my entire computer.  I'm still struggling with the large course but doing the best I can to be patient any time that I need to make little updates to it.  It still takes about ten minutes anytime I want to save it (a bit longer when I opt to publish) and I'm hoping by upgrading my entire computer, things like this will be resolved.  ...I hope.  That said, I still have about 50 15-second video clips to add to the program so we'll see how it goes but I'm still hopeful that things will work out.

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