Edit audio in Screen Recording

I have a collection of screen recordings done by users with poor quality sound (background noise).  I have seen some audio editing tools that allow the filtering of specific background sounds.  I would like to extract the audio and then apply the filtering.

My plan then would be to play the movie muted, import the filtered audio file to play simultaneous with the movie.

Is there a way to extract the audio from a screen recording (MP4)?

Can someone share how they solved this issue if different than my approach?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Laura and welcome to Heroes!

Is this a Storyline or Presenter course? Storyline doesn't have a playlist so the audio would need to be on the individual slides, you could delete it from there prior to publishing. If you're using Presenter and had included a playlist. there is a tutorial here on how to manage the playlists. 

Ramon Smitherman


Thanks for sharing the link to www.convertfiles.com.  It is a good site and easy to use.  I turned 25 movies with poor audio into 25 movies with good audio. 

I will keep my eye open for a more streamlined approach and Post when I come up with one.  I like that fact that I can convert files online and not have to keep up with another piece of software or need to have my PC with software when I am remote and need to get something done.

The steps I took to clean up background hum and hiss in the audio:

1. Export the embedded movie in storyline to an MP4 file

2. Upload the MP4 to convertfiles.com and have it extract the audio into an MP3

3. Download the MP3 and Import it to Audacity (Nice tool for free)

4. Use Noise removal to filter out the background noise based on a sample selected from the audio file.

5. Export the edited MP3 to a wav file

6. Import the wave file back into the slide in Storyline with the movie I am correcting

7. Change the movie properties volume setting to mute (so only the new imported audio will be heard)

8 Tweak the imported audio file a bit to adjust volume levels

My dream would be to have audio editing capabilities for things like filtering (Noise removal) within Storyline.

Duane Knudsen

Ramon, nicely done, you're a pro! One interesting thing would be in step 5: you can actually import MP3 directly into Storyline. I wonder if in the end, there is any difference in .story size between importing MP3 vs WAV, I don't know. I usually work with MP3 when I can just because the file size is quite a bit smaller.

If you want to, you an submit your ideas on audio editing to Articulate - - they have a features request portal where you can send them info for future enhancements. May be worth the effort.