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I have one problem, again

I enter a picture of it...this is the Review of quiz..but I dont know to find, where I can edit it...I know to add some object, text or anything else when I add Post quiz review layer ...but this is automatically there (which is good, but I need it bigger, and cross, too)

Do you know, where I can edit it???

thanks a lot

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jane,

As you'll see in this thread, they can't be moved - but you could remove the option all together. You'll go into "Edit Results slide" and on that window click on the "Other" tab to be able to remove the option to show "correct/incorrect feedback" as picture below. The user can still review the quiz, they just won't see the feedback banner along the bottom or the check marks. 

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Jane and Ashley,

I'd actually been working on a quick story that includes larger checkmarks and an X when I saw the you'd responded with a tutorial link, Ashley. So, I thought I'd upload it anyway!

I DID turn off the default checkmarks. Then I created a review layer.

When you look at my example, you'll see that there are 2 T/F questions that look identical, BUT:

I wasn't sure, Jane, if you were wanting

Slide 1.1 the X and Checkmark to BOTH always be on the review slide or,

Slide 1.2 if you wanted the checkmark to show when Learners answer correctly and the X to show if they got the answer wrong.

To achieve the latter on slide 1.2 I went to the review layer and made the checkmark and X (.png files I'd purchased quite some time ago) initial states hidden and added 2 triggers:

  • Change the state of the green checkmark to normal when the timeline starts if Button 1 True''s state = selected
  • Change the state of the red x to normal when the timeline starts if Button 2 False's state = selected

There's also Jeanette Brooks screenr here - not sure if it's any different content then the page you linked to, Ashley.

Please shout out with any questions