Edit Screen Recordings - How to cut (not trim) video

Hello All,

I imagine this conversation has already taken place so if anyone can refer me to the right thread, I'd greatly appreciate it.

I'm looking for ways to cut video from the middle of the screen recording. I've only been able to find out how to trim from the beginning or end. Is action fine tuning my answer? Can someone tell me the most effective way to do this?

Thanks so much!


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Patty Allison

Say it isn't so, is it true Storyline does not allow for cutting segments of a video? I looked at the recommendations from Peter, in this string maybe I missed it but I didn't find a method for cutting.

Soooooo disappointed, one of the things I need to do is develop demos of software use. They can be lengthy and sometimes I need to go back and edit out portions. If I can't do that then I don't think my agency is going to buy the software. Guess I'm stuck with Camtasia unless someone has a solution.

Love Storyline, but this is a fatal flaw...hoping someone can help???

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Patty, Storyline does not have the ability to cut video - so if you are using the video option ( as opposed to the step-by-step options) then I suggest you try Gerry's method. It is time consuming but it does work.

If you don't need your instructions to be video - then I suggest you produce them using the step-by-step formats (these create demos that are similar to what you get using Captivate). Each action is on a separate screen. These are easier to edit because you can simply delete slides that you don't want and the videos  are shorter so are more likely able to get the results you want just using the Action Fine Tuning.

Cheryl Daubney

Have to agree - it does seem like a major flaw not to be able to cut out bits of a video - after all we can't get it all perfect each and every time.   I am currently creating some demo videos and inserting them into Storyline to make a kind of Online User Guide.  All going well but would be very helpful to be able to cut out the odd typing error or insert some extra time.    I have tried importing the MP4 into Camtasia to edit then thought I could put back into Storyline but each time I try I get an error.

"We're sorry!  An error has occurred with the following clip on the timeline:  Camtasia Studio cannot complete production  of this project."   

So basically the whole thing is a real pain unless I can do it perfectly all the way through.