Edit slide numbers, manage slide order in Story View

I just want to confirm, I cannot edit my slide numbers, right? I'm not talking about labels, I mean the 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, ... numbers. (see attachment) I understand I can rearrange their order by going to Player>Menu. When I go there, I don't find all my slides!!

I'd also like to know if I can manage how slides display in Story View. I have more than 40 slides and the view is really WIDE. Groups of only 4 or 5 are together. The groups are randomly distributed across the display, not in order. 

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Jason Reed

Hi Davy,

You're correct in saying that you can't adjust the slide numbers. If you add an extra slide in the middle somewhere, all of the following numbers will change. The best solution I've found is what you've done already: to clearly name each slide.

In terms of rearranging the way slides appear, you're pretty limited there too. Have you tried using different scenes? Whenever I'm dealing with a bit course, I'll put each section in its own scene and collapse the scenes I'm not working on.