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amit yunger

Thanks, Ashley.

Actually, there is...

I "cleaned" all the properties of the player so that the slide will be spread over the entire available space.

However, I couldn't conceal the white margins aroundthe slide in the output (about 10px). How can I do this?

If this option is not available in Storyline, do you know where the code is in the HTML (so after I publish, I'll edit the HTML).

I think it's a tough one..  

Thanks again,


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Amit,

Are you using the method here to make a "chromeless" player and remove all elements to reduce the overall size? The player frame, by itself, adds 20 pixels to the width and the height (10 pixels all the way around your course), so that may be what you're still seeing. In regards to updating the HTML code, that's not something I can offer support for - but if you're comfortable with coding, you may want to look at using the Storyline SDK to create your own custom player, although it will only be the Flash output not HTML5.