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Feb 06, 2015



I am looking how to edit the review slide, what i want to do is to reshape the green line that tells if the qustion was answered Correct (Rätt) or Wrong. 

Review slide

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Bob Kaart

There is no feature right now to change these feedback layers. I came across the same problem a while ago.

My solution was to make a manual quiz/feedback slides. For the feedback slides you can use variables which you get by going through the quiz slides. For example:

Quiz slide:

Option A - set a var called "quiz1_Option_a" to true when this is selected
Option B - set a var called "quiz1_Option_b" to true when this is selected
Option C - set a var called "quiz1_Option_c" to true when this is selected

After doing all the quiz slides,copy your quiz slides and transform them into feedback slides.

Here you can use the previously saved Variables from the quiz slides to show whatever you want! I.E.

if quiz1_Option_a = true  - then show correct layer
if quiz1_Option_b = true - show incorrect layer
if quiz1_Option_c= true - show incorrect layer


Takes a bit of work, but gives you all the freedom to show whatever you want.

Good luck!

Eleonora Segura

Hi Bob

I wondering how to change the review slide and came to your post.

You proposed to create a variable for options, for example: Option A - set a var called "quiz1_Option_a" to true when this is selected

Now, where can I find that option A has been selected? Is there a variable for this?

Perhaps it is a silly question, but I am not finding it...



Wendy Farmer

Hi Aaron

on your quiz slides you shouldn't need to select the Prev/Next buttons just the Submit button.

When you have the 'review quiz' button on your result slide and the user navigates to the first quiz slide SL should  automatically displays  Prev/Next buttons.

Do you want to share your file - happy to take a peek for you

Aaron Bussey

Hi Wendy,  my bad.  I forgot that I removed the option since it wasnt working.  I have since added it back to the story file.  

Its odd since once I add the slide nav controls of prev and next the review functionality works just fine.  However, with them the review quiz option just takes a user back to the results slide over and over.  


Thanks again for looking at it


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Aaron - I was able to get to slide 4.1 to see the review element, but from there it jumped back to the results slide vs. 4.2 as the triggers are set. I thought the issue might be slide 4.1 so I looked at deleting it and then seeing if I could get to slide 4.2 and that round when I went to do the review - it just went right back to the results slide. When I try to just delete slide 4.2 - it ends up deleting slide 4.2 and 4.1 - so some odd behavior happening in this file. Did you look to confirm that you're working on local project files as detailed here? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

I even tried importing it into a new file to resolve some of the issues, and that slide 4.2 still is behaving oddly. I'd suggest trying to import everything except that slide and then ensure that works - you may need to rebuild that particular slide or scene - but it does look like everything is set up correctly. 

Wendy Farmer

Hi Katherine

which version of SL are you using? 

What happens when you select Review? Does it go to wrong slide or doesn't do anything at all.  Have you published and checked the web or LMS output?

Are you able to share the .story file or even just the quiz portion and someone may be able to help you.