Editing a course before importing translation

Hi we have some courses where we exported to XLIFF out of Storyline 360 and have given them to our translating vendor to translate for us. 

The courses have screenshots of a system in and our SMEs have given us a new set of screenshots in different languages.

I know that you when you import translation files the instruction on this website says to make a copy of your file then import the translations.

 If you change the name of the file will it stop the translation from importing? E.g. if you had Title of Course and then created a copy called Title of Course Spanish?

Also if we replace the current screenshots with the new translated ones will it impact the translations from importing? 

Due to time restrictions we're hoping to replace the images while the course text is being translated so we can import the XLIFFs when we get them back and the course will be complete. 



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