Editing a curve once it is drawn

Is it possible to edit a curve once it is drawn (as it is in PowerPoint, Illustrator, etc.?)

The attachment is an example. I drew the (ugly) yellow line using the curve drawing tool. Now I'd like to smooth it by adjusting the bezier characteristics of the inflection points. Not finding the means to do it though.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there John,

You're correct - I don't see a way to edit the points for a curve shape in Storyline. I do remember using this in PowerPoint as well, however.

As a temporary solution, if you still have access to PowerPoint, you could create your curve and modify it in PowerPoint. Once you're done, you can right-click the shape and save it as an image, then insert that image into your Storyline slide. 

If you'd like to see this added to a future version of Storyline, please share your suggestion with our development team. I may have to go in with you on this one - I honestly haven't had the chance to play with this shape and I think it would be an excellent enhancement :)

If you happen to find any other information or workaround for this, please share!