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Apr 03, 2014

Hi there,

I am creating an e-Learning course and am building interactivity into it so that the learners simply do not sit there and listen to me, but at times they must do something to remain engaged throughout.

On one of the slides I've created there will be several buttons that when clicked takes the learner to a layer on that slide to learn about something.  After learning about whatever it is, they will click an exit button to return to the main slide where they can then choose one of the remaining buttons.  On some slides there could be three buttons however on other slides there could be 10+ buttons.

I'm trying to create a state for the buttons so that once they have clicked it and reviewed the information on the selected layer and then returns to the main slide to then choose another button, the button changes color so that they know they have visited it already.  I have been able to learn how to add states and how to create a trigger for those states.  However the state with the colored shadowing displays on the layer they are reviewing, which I do not want to happen, and then when the learner exits that layer the colored shadowing does not display on the main slide showing that they have reviewed the information there.

How can I create a state that displays on the main slide once they have clicked a button and reviewed the information there and have it stay in that state as they review all the additional buttons?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jason and welcome to Heroes!

You mentioned using a button, so I did want to share the definitions and descriptions of the built in button states and how they'll operate.  To see what's happening in your set up, we'd want to take a look at which state you're using and if you've enabled some triggers with it. Trigger order is crucial for items like this. 

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