Editing after Publishing

I would like to publish a draft of my course so others on my team (without Articulate software) can review it before we finalize. If I do that, am I still able to edit the project after publishing? For example, if I publish to LMS and load the SCORM file to my LMS, will I be able to open the project again in Articulate and begin editing where I left off? Are there any particular steps I will need to take in order to do that?

I realize this may be a basic question, but I want to make sure I don't lose access.


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Walt Hamilton

Only if you save the project in Storyline, which creates a .story, file which Storyline can edit.

None of the file types that are created by publishing can be edited.

You can publish and they can review it. Then you open the .story file in SL, apply their suggestions, and then republish it.

 The key is what you said, to open the project file, not the published file, and the answer is yes, you can.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Sarah -- Welcome to the community, and no worries; this question has been asked before! We're always happy to help! Walt is correct and you are able to go back and edit your .story file after publishing as many times as necessary to get things exactly how you would like them. You may also want to check out this information on Getting Started with SL2 for lots of additional info you can use! :)