Editing backgrounds and hiding the player template

Hi guys

One of my biggest challenges/issues with Storyline is the restrictions of designing within the confines of the Storyline player .

After much messing around and some answers from you heroes in this post, I have now managed to edit the background of my project to match the slide background and hide the player template so that it almost looks like the slide background covers the whole browser. (only works if I use a plain background though).

But can anyone tell me whether this has been submitted as a feature request for the next release of Storyline? If not, can I recommend this as a feature, to stop us needing to go into the HTML code and editing it each time that way??

It would be a fantastic feature and really release us from the constraints of the player template.



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Ant Pugh

Thanks Nick - to be honest I haven't done a lot of testing on this, but I am also thinking that just using a very minimal player template is the best way to go.

It is definitely an area of the software that I feel could be improved - and something that I think Adobe Captivate has a slight edge on Storyline with.

I have submitted a feature request, I hope that future releases can address this!