Editing button states causes Storyline 2 to crash

I'm working on a course that's heavy on questions, both multiple choice and select one answer. I have custom answer buttons with four states each (Normal, Hover, Down and Selected). The functionality of the questions works fine. 

My issue is that when I copy and paste the text for each answer into the states, Storyline will consistently freeze. I can't save, close or do anything else within the course. The only thing to do is use Task Manager to quit.

I might get through two to three states before it will freeze.

  • I'm copying from powerpoint and using the Keep Text Only paste option.
  • I've tried typing each answer
  • I've tried pasting the text into notepad first, then into Storyline
  • I've changed the order I edit the states in (this seemed to help for a short time)

The only solution that works consistently is to save after every state. This slows things down considerably.

Has anyone else come across this?

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Todd Crowell

Just in case this is happening to anyone else, it's happening to me and here's what I've found.

Problem: If you paste your text into a state then immediately click "Done Editing States" Storyline will hard lock. No crash error, can't click anything, nothing. You'll have to End Task to get out.

Solution: Click outside the picture/textbox that you just pasted. Basically, click anywhere outside of it so the cursor is no longer in the paragraph window, then click Done Editing States. Seems to work.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Todd and thank you for sharing your experience and solution with the community.

I did a brief test and did not experience this behavior.

So, I'm curious:

  • Are you utilizing the latest update to Storyline 2, which is now Update 11?
  • Does this happen in any file or a particular one you are working on?

Thanks so much :)