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Mar 03, 2014

I work for small eLearning team and part of our development process is to have our courses edited by a dedicated team of editors. The editors primarily work with classroom material, however, and we haven't found a great way to edit for eLearning yet.

Editors don't like on-screen editing, and Storyline has some limitations when it comes to publishing formats. We've tried publishing to Word, but slide layers are either omitted or illegible because of stacked content. We've also tried exporting a file for translation, but that is a text only format with lots non-screen information and doesn't flow like the course would.

How do you work with editors on your projects? Has anyone found a solution that they like?  Do you pick a single format or blend them? Any tips or insights are appreciated. Thanks.

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Anne Goldenberger

I agree this is a bit of a problem. 

I provide them with the Word file output by Articulate (not the translation file), as well as a link to the published course.  That way they can also grab screenshots and add them to the Word document, if they can't locate the item they want to edit in the Word file.

Even so, it usually requires a short phone call/meeting explaining how to use the two pieces (the Word file and the interactive version). 

Another drawback is if you're in early development, all the navigation might not work correctly; if you're like me, a lot of the slides aren't named correctly yet, so having editors use the menu creates additional editing/navigation questions.

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