Editing Instructions in Step-by-Step Simulation


How do I change the default text of the instructions given for a step-by-step simulation?

For example, I have created a simulation of opening our homepage where the user must open IE, then navigate to our page via various clicks. I would like to change some of the language used to describe the different steps. Is that possible? If so, how do I got about it?

Attached is a screenshot of what I want to edit. Thanks!


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Jeanne Choquehuanca

Thanks! I think I figured it out. See attached screenshot and notes But now I have another question! How do I replace a screenshot? Although I see that I cann insert a "screenshot" and capture a new "screen clipping", I am unable to capture more than a simple screenshot. I want to re-capture the screenshot in a slide that requires the user to select various tabs and subtabs. See attached screenshots and notes for further detail.

Thank you!


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jeanne,

If you need a screen shot or capture similar to the ones in try/test/view mode you'll need to conduct a screen recording again and use that to add it into your course. Otherwise, you could add the elements to a screenshot yourself by creating triggers and adding in hotspots.