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Jeanette Brooks

Hey Jefferson I thought of one more tip that might help: you can completely turn OFF the displaying of the default correct/incorrect info on the Review layer... that would give you a little more flexibility in the way you design your custom Review layer, as you wouldn't need to worry about covering up the default info. To turn off the default info, you can go to your Result Slide, click "Edit Result Slide" button above the trigger panel, and when the Result Slide Properties window appears, select the Options tab at the left. Then unmark the checkbox next to "Show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing," like this:

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Jefferson, tx for the question. I hadn't run across this, but now I know how to work around it if I do.

JB, tx for the great tutorial and esp. for that last little tweak. That makes it WAY nicer to design. I just created a quick quiz question with text in the text entry (instead of a numeric value) and inserted a red X .png I'd purchased, swapped it out with a green checkmark as a correct state (applying a variation to your instructions), and created the trigger around the correct value for the answer. I like putting the X or checkmark right near the Learner's answers - stronger visual cue, all IMHO of course Here's a screenshot in case others wonder what I mean.

Jeanette Brooks

Hey Sally,

There's not a direct way to alter the banner color, but you could cover it up with a banner of your own (or conceal it with a shape). Here's a screencast from awhile back that I prepared for Simon, who was wondering the same thing:


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Arun,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you are experiencing with your project file.

If you're seeing your correct questions show up as incorrect during your quiz review, I'd check the Slide Properties. It sounds like your revisit behavior is set to 'Reset to Initial State'.

Try adjusting to 'Automatically Decide' and see if that eliminates the issue.