Editing Results.ScorePercent

In a course I'm packaging, I have 10 quizzes  total.
7 of them are mandatory to go on in viewing following slides, while the 3 remaining are to be compiled at the end of the course.
So when you come at the end (before the last 3 quizzes) you sure are 70%.
If you fail the following 3, I'd like to make you repeat just these three, resetting your percentage to 70%.
Here is the problem: I only see a tigger "Reset results", but it set "Results.ScorePercent" to ZERO...
Any suggestion?

THX in advance!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Marco!

How many result slides are included in this course? If there is more than one, you should see multiple Results.ScorePercent variables in your variables list.

From here, try using one result slide for the first 7 quizzes, and one result slide for the last 3 quizzes. Then, add a final result slide to calcuate the total score.