Editing screen recordings for a Try It/Demo


I am working on some Try its for a client's software program. I had to use an actual customer's information to get the system to work properly, and now need to go back through the scene and manipulate the customer's information. I need help editing the actual screen during the video recording that the Try it captured. I've looked for this feature in the Fine Action Tuning and have not been successful. Please assist!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Katie!

After inserting a screen recording into your story as step-by-step slides, you can add, edit, and delete slides as usual, and you can modify the captionshotspotsdata entry fieldsfeedback layers, and mouse movements that Storyline automatically generated for you during the recording process.

Take a look at the "Step-by-step slides" of the following tutorial for more information:

Articulate Tutorials > Editing Screen Recordings

Let me know if you have any trouble with modifying the customer's information after reading that tutorial, or if you have any questions.