Editing Software Simulation Slides

Hello again forum SME's!

I am conducting my first software simulation and I have inserted it into my project in "test mode." I have the simulation behaving as I want it to - so all is good there.

What I would like to know is how you edit the "slide itself" the simulation is on or possibly arrange the simulation in the way its presented on the slide.

Aside from being able to design a slide normally like you would any other blank slide, the software simulation seems to place the video image onto the slide like a "locked static image" that cannot be moved or manipulated once its in place.

This makes adding items like graphical backgrounds and headerbars a bit of a challenge - especially when you are trying to design a more seamless look in your project.

Is there is a way to edit these "embedded screencasts" to add additional graphical elements? Mine has placed the screencast right in the smack middle of the slide and sacrificed real estate on the right and left of it - that could be used to add other elements.

Is this something that has to happen to the video itself when its first recorded?

Thanks Everyone!

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Killian Holmes

This is a good question. I have the same problem. It doesn't look acheivable out of the box. Definitely it would be better to be edit the original screenshot rather than superimpose a new screenshot. However it looks like each screen has a corresponding flv and a jpg in the output folder. If you delete the .flv then you can edit the .jpg and fix the screen but this basically breaks it.

Instead you can publish, edit the relevant .jpg from the published output and then paste it back into the project. There is a slight reduction in picture quality but the image is correct size.

I'd be really interested in an approach that deals with both the flv and the jpg.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Laura,

When you conduct a screen recording in Storyline and insert as a step by step mode, Storyline automatically centers it so that the sizing and spacing is consistent from slide to slide. There isn't an option to change where that appears on the slide. 

If you can share a bit more detail on where you'd like it to appear, that will guide the community in offering other ideas. 

Claudia Medina

Dear Laura,

I am recording a Step by Step simulation using the View Mode. The screenshots are automatically centered on the slide, but I would like to move them down. I was able to do this in a video recorded in one step only. I cannot do the same with the step by step recording. Can you give us advice? 

Katie Riggio

Hello, Claudia. Welcome!

It sounds like you were able to edit a screen recording video that was on a single slide, and would like to do the same for your step-by-step slides. 

First, you're spot-on: You can edit screen recording videos that were inserted on a single slide as a whole video. And if you use that screen recording as an .MP4 file in your course, you can use the Video Editor to adjust it there, too.

Repositioning step-by-step slides will take some creativity, as Storyline will automatically center them to keep the sizing and spacing consistent from slide to slide.

There are lots of crafty and talented instructional designers here who may have unlocked this and can hopefully weigh in. I'll keep my eyes peeled, and I'm here if you have any other questions!