Editing Sound Files

Can you help?  

The problem I am having is when I create sound files I have been using a programme called "Audacity".  After recording the file clip I then import it as a WAV file into the project specific slide I am working on and then double click to bring up "Articulate Sound Editor", at which stage I crop the part I require, save back into the slide I am working on then adjust the timelines to suit the voice file which has been saved as a WAV file. When I play it back everything seems fine then after saving all the slides (Storyline Project) I've done, the sound files return to their original size and consequently all the timings are completely out of synch with the voice files.

Do I have to re-do it all or is there a quick fix?

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,


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Bruce Graham

Hi John, and welcome to the Community.

Personally, I create all recordings in Audacity and then import in as you say.

Once the file is imported, I would never then go and edit/alter/play in the Articulate Sound Editor.

Not sure why your Workflow requires this. I may use the Editor for increasing volume every now and then, but I've never had any issues using either of these tools - not quite sure what's going on.

Once again welcome, and I hope you get a solution to this.


John de Bruin

Hi Bruce

Thanks for the reply, the reason that I have been editing through articulate is because, I thought that's what its there for, but in any-case the sound files are produced by someone else then they save them for me to use, maybe I should do the editing of the sound file in Audacity.