Editing sound in content library videos

Aug 25, 2018

I have video I've added from the content library as a background - it's a clock and it ticks and I'd like it to have no sound. However, when I right click on the video to edit the video properties I don't see an edit video option - I assume editing content library specific videos is not allowed but is there a way to turn off the sound for the video?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Abigail and Wendy!  😊

Just a little halloo to let you know that we just released update 21 for Storyline 360! It includes new features and fixes - check them all out here.

One of the fixes addresses an issue where you couldn't edit Content Library videos.

Here’s how you can update Storyline 360 to take advantage of everything the latest release has to offer. Let me know how you make out!