Editing States - S2

Hello fellow Storyline people.

I'm running into an issue with editing states in Storyline 2.  I have standard states of normal, hover, selected, visited on a custom button to display a layer.  On that custom button - normal state there is a textbox with a little arrow, and on the visited state a little checkmark.  The little arrow is different color on hover and selected. 

What I'm seeing, is that the little arrow doesn't go away on visited.  It seems that each object on the other states is still visible, and they just overlap each other.

What can I do to hide the objects on the other states?

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Tim Milke

Thanks Guys.  (er.. guy and girl)

There is definitely no arrow on the visited state, but they are there on hover/down/selected.  I've copied my slide to a blank file, and am inserting it here.  The arrows are less noticable on preview/publish now, as the default colors changed when I copied, but they're still there.

The little arrow is just a text box with a "less than" sign, and the checkmark is an icon

Phil Mayor

If the arrow is in normal it will carry cross to the built in states you could try masking iit out in the other states this is the why states or use images instead of objects within states are designed and not necessarily a bug.  All states are are normal unless you use custom states which are not