Editing Submit Button Triggers

I have created a freeform slide that allows my students to practice calculating their pay if they are paid hourly.  I have disabled the submit button until they have answered a certain number of questions and have also answered 70% of those questions correctly.  I am using the correct and incorrect layers of the freeform question after each student submission.  When the student meets those criteria and clicks submit, I want the interaction to record and progress to the results slide.  Right now, after the student clicks the submit button, the correct layer always shows on the screen for a second or two before progressing to the results slide.  I cannot find the trigger that is making this happen.  Is there a way to access the "built-in" triggers for the submit button on a freeform file?  I have attached my file.



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Matney Jorgensen

Is there a way to stop this?  Where is the trigger that is causing the correct layer to show?   My thought is that there is a trigger on the submit button that says to show the correct page because of the trigger Change State of Button 1 to Selected When the user clicks the Submit, but I cannot find where the triggers are stored that are associated with the submit button.