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Oct 01, 2020

Hello. My team and I are currently building a course in Articulate Rise. We have several embedded Articulate Storyline pieces that we've added using the built-in embed storyline feature on Rise. One of our pieces includes an "Assignment" created using the quiz feature with a Results slide that allows the user to print their results using the "Print Results" trigger. The issue we are having is with the format of the PDF Print-out that Articulate Storyline generates. The column widths are incredibly wonky (see attachment) which makes for a really long document if the user has lengthy responses. We are looking for any tips on formatting the print out that users get with the Print Results trigger or any possible workarounds. I've heard of the report.html method but we are not exporting directly to an LMS meaning you don't receive a Storyline Output file when you publish to Review 360 for Rise 360 embed.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Kimmia!

Great question! The only way to change the printed results is through the report.html file. We don't currently have a way to edit this in Rise 360. 

One way to change the printed view is in your Print settings. One suggestion would be to change the zoom percentage to make sure all of the results fit on one page.

Please keep us updated with what works for you!

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