Editing typing in a screencast screen recording action.

Jun 13, 2014

I am recording a video that includes typing. The actual time to type is 20 seconds. I would like to shorten the typing sequence to 5 seconds. When I right clicked on the screencast timeline I found Timing. I resuced the duration to 5 seconds, it showed a reduction to 5 seconds on the timeline, but when I prevew it still takes 20 seconds for the typing.

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Mike Fox

Morning Ashley

Thanks for the quick response

Unfortunately, that does not appear to solve my issue....

I need to type the following letters during the recording:   zmob_empl_proj_sm30.   As an exaggeration, it takes me 20 seconds to type those letters in the recording. what I would like to do is "speed up" the typing so that it is done in 5 seconds.

With your method of reducing the start or end of the timeline, I either see some of the letters already appearing & then the rest will be shown being typed....or the start of the letters are typed but the end letters are no longer shown....

I"ve attached a screenshot of where I need to enter the characters...

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mike,

Sorry if I misunderstood - but there isn't a way to "speed up" the overall time of a screen recording and place it within a fast forward type of setting. The slide timing will reduce the overall duration on the slide itself and therefore remove part of the screen recording action - the same is true of using the action fine tuning within the screen recording to trim the video as shown here.