Editing Video Mistakes when Screen Capturing

Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum but wanted to know what I should do for 'best practice' when screen capturing.

I'm a run and gun kind of guy when it comes to screen capturing video and audio so I tend to pause, repeat something I said incorrectly, or just gloss over something that isn't as important. 

I want to keep the interactivity of the videos (View / Try / Test modes) but I want to start this off by having the entire video play for the user as it has my voiceover on it.

My question is: HOW do I edit the video with voiceover to take out my mistakes, but keep the interactivity of the other modes? I really don't want to use a different software for screen capture / edit and then import it into SL2 to then set all the hot spots.

Thoughts? Suggestions?



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Jeremy Stiffler

Hi Christie, Yes, I did view that post before submitting my own question. I didn't see anything about editing the contents of the video once it is recorded. It seems as though you need to do it perfectly in one full take, is that correct? 

I was reaching out to the community to see if there was something I was missing or if there are some best practices in place that I could learn from.



Christie Pollick

Hi, Jeremy -- Thanks for your reply, and unfortunately, if you are looking to edit the audio or elements on the video itself, you'll need to rerecord as there are not such editing capabilities in Storyline.

Perhaps others will have some additional ideas they can share, and you are welcome to connect with our Product team for functionality you'd like to see by using this form