Edititing triggers outside of storyline2?

Feb 15, 2018


is there any possibility to edit triggers outside of storyline2? Like in an XML-file or similiar? I have quite complex logic and am not happy with the clicking. Just using an editor would suit me much better. Especially if triggers are similiar but not the same (object names / states / conditions slightly changing from one trigger to the next one ...)

Thanks in advance,


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Phil Mayor

I build in small chunks and test frequently, I also try to use layers to build series of triggers I can call like functions. 

I use a layer that I can call with a key press to show all of the reference values. Finally I will use JavaScript to do some of the heavy lifting  

It can be difficult, but great when it works  



Bobbi Bailey

Hi Maud,

I ran into an issue quite some time ago, where I needed to do some editing through an .xml file after the course had been published.  My issue was more related to adjusting the player controls, versus trigger controls, but perhaps this will give you an edge on where to begin looking for your solution.

You can see my solution in this thread:

SL2-Restricted Menu Navigation

Hope this helps at least a wee bit. :-)


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